finding your inner strength + acceptance

“It’s easier said than done.” We hear that phrase so often, but how often do you question it? How often do you use it as an excuse? Probably more often than you think, and thats okay.

I’ve been on this planet for 20 years and I can say that for those 20 years, I have always been hard on myself. Whether I get a bad grade, say something stupid, or back my car into my sisters car (sorry, Dad), I tend to beat myself up for it. I will dwell on whatever is bothering me for hours and sometimes even days. I’ll try to stop thinking about it which lasts for maybe ten minutes and then I’ll start thinking about how hard I’m trying to not think about it, and then I’ll start thinking about it again. Like clockwork, every time. What I cant wrap my head around is why? Why do I do this to myself? If I don’t enjoy that feeling, why do I allow myself to feel that way? Why don’t I just stop?

….. Easier said than done.

I would frequently tell myself that, and I believed it up until I realized it’s just an excuse to disguise a weakness of mine. After a whole lot of soul searching, I found my inner strength. The moment I stopped trying to fix myself, I found myself looking directly at that strength of mine face to face. You see, I’ve been told I am so much stronger than I believe myself to be, but I never understood how people saw this strength in me when I didn’t even see it myself. It doesn’t have to be as complicated and daunting as it seems to be– you don’t have to do these significant deeds to find it, because you know what? It’s already living inside of you, you just have to accept how you feel when overwhelmed with whatever it might be thats rattling inside.

What’s your strength?

“Yesterday i said tomorrow, I learned today that tomorrow can’t be saved.” – The Maine, Lovely Little Lonely 


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