Really, Really.

I never imagined finding that one person who I could be my complete weird and quirky self around. Good things like that just don’t happen to me. Looking back now, they would come and go out of my life. That feeling of distraught at their absence in my life seems silly now considering how their presence in my life didn’t ever leave me truly happy. But of course, at the time, I was convinced otherwise.

It was unknown to me that I was longing for the wrong person. What seemed like a dream actually turned out to be a nightmare. This was only realized once I actually came across the real dream– the one who somehow entered my life at the most perfect moment.

It’s funny how when I met him I didn’t think much of it. I’ve been left feeling disappointed so many times that I stopped expecting anything from anyone. Upon meeting him, his sincerity was obvious. For some reason, my usual habit of pushing people away didn’t consume me, and I didn’t understand. I knew that this had to mean something. So I decided to be courageous, and went with this foreign feeling.

Each day that passed, I fell a little further. We spent the entire summer together growing our relationship and closer together. I couldn’t believe that this person had existed all my life. Someone so like me but still so different who allowed for me to be myself at all times. Someone who consistently inspires me and takes me out of my comfort zone in the best ways possible. It just didn’t seem real. It didn’t seem like this sort of thing could happen to a person like me. But it did, and it is still happening.

My insecurities tend to get the best of me. It’s unreasonable to let them take over my life, I know. I try to not let them surface, and at times, it is difficult. With him, however, I don’t need to feel insecure. I’ve never been more sure about anything like I am sure of our relationship. It is so crazy to me the impact someone can have on your life.




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